The Criminal Elements of Tuskwall

The Wasp
Species: N/A (Suspected Elf)
Specialty: Boss
Description: Nobody knows who she is. She tends to operate through her minions, and they’re not talking. Those who are believed to have seen her inevitably turn up dead, or missing.

The Spriggler
Species: Sprigand
Specialty: Enforcer
Description: A new face on the scene, operates out of the Adventurer’s guild, making nice-nice with the people there. Suspect is a freelance enforcer.

The Money:
Species: N/A
Specialty: Accountant
Description: The swarms of adventurers in Tuskwall make it difficult to track large sums of money, but with the level of criminal behaviour going on I have to believe that SOMEONE is making sure all the blood on that gold washes off, hence “The Money”.

Godfried Estranzo
Species: Elf
Specialty: Corsair
Description: A known pirate, no hard evidence implicating him in any crimes, but any murder with a thin stabbing weapon could be him. Hides under the legitimacy of the Adventurer’s Guild.

Laslo Petrie
Species: Human
Specialty: Con-man/Thief
Description: A former explorer, Laslo is now nothing more than a two-bit criminal who will swindle and pickpocket. That said, he’s an excellent source of information on what’s going on in Tuskwall.

Theresa Juniper
Species: Tiefling
Specialty: Pickpocket/Thief/Kleptomaniac
Description: Low level petty thief, may be a kleptomaniac. With the low amount she palms she’s not worth the public fallout from confronting, may be better just to let the guard handle this one.

The Exsanguinator
Species: N/A
Specialty: Murder
Description: Don’t know much about this one, other than he drains the occasional person dry, like bleeding a pig. I thought perhaps a Dhampir but he uses sharp knives and works like a cleric. The bodies are tossed into some dark alley or whatnot.

Gilbert Bellafonte
Species: Human
Specialty: (Hunter/Enforcer)
Description: Gilbert is the sort of bully who’s popular in pubs. An avid hunter and adventurer, he loves to share the wealth. That said, he has a darkside in which he’s been known to be abusive towards women and violent towards “lesser men”. He’s in the know about a lot of things going on in Tuskwall though, and threatening his reputation is a great way to make him cough up those nuggets of wealth.

Carmack the Gribbly
Species: Goblin
Specialty: (Raider)
Description: The Marches have a noteworthy population of peaceful goblins. Carmack is not one of those. “Prince” of a goblin tribe, he apparently raids in the River Kingdoms and then travels to Tuskwall to enjoy his loot. He’s committed no crimes that we know of within the borders themselves, so the ruling caste seem, so far, unwilling to take action against him.

The Flesh-Thief
Species: N/A
Specialty: Murder (Cannibal?)
Description: Don’t know much about him, but he strips the flesh from his victims like a butcher stripping the flesh from a pig. “Only” two people have been the victim of his tender ministrations over the years, so he hasn’t attracted much attention yet.

The Countess Zhao
Species: Dhampir
Specialty: Merchant/Assassin
Description: Leads a group of Dhampir’s that popped over the pole, she’s mostly on the up and up, but people standing in the way of her profits tend to wind up beaten or dead. I initially thought she might have been responsible for the Exsanguinator attacks, but turns out she’s been quietly paying people for their spare blood. Disgusting, but nothing morally wrong with it.

Lord Treyminis
Species: Human
Specialty: Boss
Description: The sole surving head of the Treyminis lumber family. After the massacre of the corrupt lumber lords he inherited the remains of their criminal empire. Heavy in intimidation and extortion and smuggling.

Miss Belcor
Species: Halfling
Specialty: Accountant
Description: Lace Belcor is the book keeper for the Treyminis family. Even for such an important position, she has a VERY large group of bodyguards.

Morktor Broost
Species: Half-Orc
Specialty: Enforcer
Description: Head bruiser of the Treyminis brute squad. Has poor intelligence, poor odor, and poor social skills.

Lady Treyminis
Species: Human
Specialty: Dilitente
Description: Daughter of Lord Treyminis and heir to the family. In charge of keeping the law away, and smoothing over legal difficulties.

Species: Dwarf
Specialty: Enforcer
Description: A lower tier thug. When an incident gets messy, sometimes you need it all to go away, a clean slate. Scruffy is that cleaner.

The Ebon Finch
Species: Half-Elf
Specialty: Thief/Burgler
Description: The finch is a known burgler with a predilection for stealing large gemstones, then smuggling them out of the city before they can be caught. Been caught in the act, but not by the militia.

Margot Desille
Species: Human
Specialty: Merchant
Description: Purveyor of poisons, as poisons aren’t outlawed in the Marches isn’t a criminal himself, but good to keep an eye on his clientele.

Old Elmo
Species: Gnome
Specialty: Smuggler
Description: An old fisherman who keeps an eye on the boats going in and out of the harbour, is known to make sure things and people can come and go as they please.

Samwise Lolotl
Species: Halfling
Specialty: Vigilante
Description: Leader of the underground halfling defense league. Known for his violent methodologies.

Brutus Salvatus
Species: Dwarf
Specialty: Extremist Druid
Description: A dwarven druid of extremist beliefs. Is known to unleash low power summoned animals on logging camps.

Mortok Mcgonigal
Species: Dwarf
Specialty: Brigand
Description: A wanted brigand who operates in the river kingdoms. His lack of body count is the only reason he’s been able to hide from the law for so long.

Species: N/A
Specialty: Thief/Burgler
Description: A thief who robs from the rich and gives to herself. Real identity unknown.

Crayton Stone
Species: Elf
Specialty: Soul Eater/Serial Killer
Description: Deceased, killed people for their souls.

The Necromancer
Species: N/A
Speciality: Reanimating large monsters.
Description: Somewhere out there there’s a necromancer that keeps animating monsters, and releasing them into the wild to kill.

The Criminal Elements of Tuskwall

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